Candidate Bernard Wynne



Meet Bernard

I’m your Middleton Independents Party candidate for East Middleton.

I was lucky enough to be first elected as an East Middleton councillor in May 2022 and I hope that you’ll consider voting for me again on Thursday 2 May 2024.

I’m different from the other party candidates; I experience the same issues that you do and hold the same concerns too. I want the best for our community’s future, I want the same for my family as you want for yours.

I’m frustrated by the lack of representation from our current Labour councillors. If you elect me as your councillor, I pledge to be your voice. I’ll be transparent, accountable, and always honest in my actions on behalf of East Middleton residents.

As your councillor and your representative, I will listen and, act upon your needs. I’ll communicate with others on your behalf. I will act with integrity, impartiality, and fairness on the issues that affect you.


  • Our green belt and green spaces are precious. I will fight to protect every square inch from greedy developers who see our green space as theirs to exploit, brownfield sites must be used instead. I fully support the building of new homes, especially affordable homes, but not on green belt or community green spaces.
  • I will reintroduce Community Forums focused on housing, the environment, and other matters that concern East Middleton residents. These forums are essential for communication between you and local authorities and other agencies, and for making sure that your concerns are heard and addressed year-round.
  • I want a more democratic approach and full transparency in all local decision-making committees and meetings.
  • We need action on drug dealing hot spots, speeding cars, graffiti, and other anti-social behaviour. I want to end drug dealing near our homes, get graffiti removed as soon as it appears, and have more enforcement days to help reduce speeding. I’ll work with the police and council officers to achieve this.
  • Our roads and pavements are becoming more and more dangerous, and working with you we can identify areas in need of repair and renewal. I will make sure that repairs are completed where needed, and where necessary, major renewal works are planned.
  • Above all, I promise to be accessible and dedicated to representing you. I’m not a career politician, interested in feathering my nest or climbing a political greasy pole. I’m one of you, and my job, if elected, is to be your representative, nothing else, making sure your issues and concerns are addressed – it’s about time you were listened to!

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