Candidate Janene Walker



Meet Janene

I’m born and bred Langley and I still live here today with my family. My bond with Langley and Middleton runs extremely deep, I care passionately about my surroundings and where I live.

I’m different from other party candidates; I experience the same issues and have the same concerns you have. I want the absolute best for our community’s future, I want the same for my family as you want for yours!

I am frustrated by the lack of representation from our current elected officials. As your councillor, I pledge to be YOUR VOICE. I will be transparent, accountable, and always honest in my actions on behalf of Langley and West Middleton.

As your councillor I will listen, and act upon the needs of all residents. I’ll communicate to others on your behalf. I will act with integrity, impartiality, and fairly on issues that affect Langley and West Middleton residents.


Born and raised in Langley, West Middleton

Has strong community ties that have been nurtured since childhood

Is frustrated with lack of democracy and lack of representation

Works in the NHS with over 17 years of experience

AND is determined to be YOUR VOICE!

Janene’s promises to you

  • I will oppose any new builds in West Middleton that are proposed on our precious greenspaces. I will fight any greedy developer wanting to build on green belt just so they can make more profit!
  • I will reintroduce Community Forums focused on housing, the environment, and policing. These forums are essential for communication between residents and local authorities and making sure that our concerns are heard and addressed year-round.
  • Youth and elderly provision – I will fight for our youth and elderly generations! Working together with other agencies I’ll look at what activities can be provided to both. It upsets me that there aren’t many options for youths to channel their energy in a positive way, and that elderly people can sit alone for days / weeks on end.
  • I will seek better solutions for parking issues and work with council officers to resolve parking issues, especially grass verges and around school drop off and pick up times.
  • I’ll work with Transport for Greater Manchester to seek improvements to transport links and services in West Middleton.

Above all, I promise to be accessible and dedicated to representing you, the residents of Langley and West Middleton.

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