Candidate Keeley O’Mara



Meet Keeley

Hi, I’m Keeley, your MIP candidate for North Middleton in the May local elections.

I was born in Boarshaw, I still live here today with my husband and daughter and work hard on the family farm. Many of you may already know me from my service to the Middleton community and campaigning over many years for a better Middleton for us all.

Every day, I’m living and breathing the same issues as you. I’m frustrated that at every election we get promised the world by local Labour and then the promises come to nothing. Meanwhile, our wonderful town of Middleton continues to decline at an accelerating pace.

I believe that councillors are elected to serve us all. This includes engaging, listening, allowing residents to have a say, explaining the rationale for decisions made, responding to queries, and being truthful and transparent at all times. However, a lot of the time this isn’t happening and local residents are being ignored by some local Labour councillors. Worse still, the local forums where residents could once have their say, are now subject to heavy censorship, and only questions approved by local Labour are answered. Democracy is non-existent.

You can be sure that if I’m elected, I will be your voice, I will be heard and I absolutely won’t be silenced. I will call out wrongdoing, I will shout up for the rights of residents, and I will aways be open, honest, and transparent.


Born, raised, and lives in Boarshaw, North Middleton ward

Has a proven community track record which will continue

Has worked on the family farm for 24 years

Is disgusted with the lack of respect for the voters that put elected councillors in the role

And I will be YOUR VOICE


  • I’ll support new building developments. Developers must provide affordable homes and rental homes, and they should always be built on brownfield sites. If elected as your councillor, you can rely on me to oppose new developments on our dwindling green spaces and on our precious greenbelt – not one shovel goes into greenbelt land!
  • Our voice has been lost. I will reinstate community forums in North Middleton so that residents can have their say. I will demand that the open forum at Middleton Township is made longer, if needed, and without the pre-screening of questions.
  • I will fight for our youth and for the older generation. Working together with other agencies, I’ll look at what activities can be provided to both. Why aren’t there options for youths to channel their energy in a positive way? How is it acceptable for elderly people to be left alone for days and weeks on end?
  • I will make sure that any attempt to further corrode our heritage is stopped and that enforcement action is taken straight away. Middleton’s heritage is no less important than Rochdale’s, and must be prioritised and protected in the same way.
  • Any changes to highways or public transport in North Middleton will be fully scrutinised. I won’t allow plans to be put forward without residents having the opportunity to have their say and share their opinions. I’ll make sure that residents’ views are heard, loud and clear.

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