Councillor Beswick




A little bit about me

I have lived in Middleton since I married 48 years ago.  Throughout my life in Middleton, I have watched this town I moved to be run down to a shadow of its former status.

This has been done by the party politics of the main Parties.  We seem to be an afterthought to what Rochdale town thinks it should have.

Our Arena was only built because Rochdale Council made a deal with Tesco and other parties, at what cost to the makeup of our town.

Now it’s about time Middleton people’s voices were heard, not through the mainstream parties, but your own party, Middleton Independents Party.

I joined the Middleton Independents to make sure Middleton’s voice is heard in the Council Chamber and to fight for a better town, so please vote for the Middleton people that will act for Middleton, not some mainstream party candidate who has to tow the party line.

I am here to listen to your voices and act upon your concerns to the best of my ability, I may not be too politically savvy of the mainstream politics, but NO voice from Middleton means no voice being heard in Rochdale Town Hall to fight for our town.

Please share us with your friends…